Active Assailant

The active assailant team at GAWS of London understands that fast-evolving events are unpredictable and impactful; the consequences of which can be far reaching.

We closely monitor the shifting landscape to ensure this progressive product responds to the event while providing the support to restore business, ensuring the best possible insurance protection for people and organisations in response to the growing threat of attack.

With methods, targets and motives ever changing, attacks are hard to predict and even harder to protect against. 

At GAWS of London our team implements creative insurance solutions to ensure robustness and resilience to such events and to provide support in rehabilitation and recovery.

Through innovative product implementation, we can fill the gaps often found in traditional insurance products whilst not limiting coverage by requiring the customary triggers of a terrorism policy.  Our aim is to ensure clients minimise their exposure to the risks emanating from active assailant attacks and can recuperate quickly if an incident occurs.

Targeted Marketing and Selection 

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Simplification of Placement Process

Our systematic and comprehensive review of a client’s risk profile enables us to implement tailored active assailant insurance programmes that optimise risk transfer whilst delivering a cross-class thought process.

Thorough in execution, our lateral thinking affords solutions that are integrated and aligned across a client’s continuum of risks.

Tailored Coverage Solutions

  • Non-physical damage
  • Business interruption
  • Extra expense
  • Recovery expenses, which can include:
    – Public relations expenses
    – Relocation expenses
    – Security costs
    – Medical expenses
    – Retraining costs
  • Property damage
  • Legal liability
  • Loss of attraction

We advocate on behalf of a broad spectrum of clients from a variety of sectors



Religious institutions





Real estate


Sports venues

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Divisional Director

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Senior Technician

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