Thinking bigger than siloed solutions; we fuse together class specific excellence with multi-line holistic thinking.

Growing organically since 2015 to meet the evolving needs of our partners

At GAWS of London, our solutions are integrated across a portfolio of specialties to deliver products that are built for the client; not the other way around. Our service delivery begins and ends with the client.

Central to our execution of that service is our commitment to superior performance, exceptional people and effective communication.

Superior Performance

We deliver a prompt and accurate service that provides state of the art solutions to meet clients’ needs.

We invest time and resource to understand each clients’ risk profile; ensuring careful execution of service with alacrity and precision.

Exceptional People

We invest in the best for the long-term, attracting the finest talent to our team.

We value continuity and provide all the support necessary to help our most valuable assets thrive.

Effective Communication

We will not let ourselves or our clients down through poor communication or a lack of understanding.

We deliver clear, effective guidance based on a deep understanding of our client’s needs and the marketplace we operate in.

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